About The Harvey World Herald

The Harvey World Herald is your trusted news source for in-depth reporting on education, business, public safety, health, politics, and entertainment in the City of Harvey.

We are dedicated to getting our readers information on the issues that matter most. That’s why we don’t have a paywall, keeping our reporting 100% free and accessible to the community we serve.

A hyperlocal, independent newsroom, we don’t advocate for policy, issue political endorsements, accept money from political figures or groups, or lobby on their behalf—and we never will.

Our Mission

The Harvey World Herald fills the void left after the collapse of local newspapers 40 years ago, providing critical information to the Harvey community.

Our Values

  • Public service — knowledge is to be shared not owned
  • Cooperation — the community is a partner in building the news
  • Restoration — acknowledging and repairing the harm media has caused Harvey
  • Patience — investing the resources to build a new institution
  • Grace — we are all doing the best we can with what we have

Our Vision

The Harvey World Herald aims to pass the mic to those with a voice but without a platform, fill information gaps, and help the next generation of storytellers shape and own their narrative.

Where does the name “Harvey World Herald” come from?

“Harvey World” is the nickname young people who craved a sense of identity gave the city years ago. Some older residents have bad ideas about the nickname, connecting it with violence in the community.

But the Harvey World Herald reclaims that name to build an institution that makes knowledge more accessible and works for the public good.

In a city with strong divides, we want to change the narrative about Harvey, its residents — especially its young people — and get our readers information about the issues that matter.

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Our Supporters

The Harvey World Herald is part of the Tiny News Collective, a national initiative to jumpstart small newsrooms across America in communities historically excluded from media and journalism.

Our newsroom is proudly supported by the LION Publishers, News Catalyst, Google News Initiative, Knight-Lenfest fund, the Field Foundation of Illinois, and the National Association of Black Journalists-Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Black Press Grant Program.

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