The Harvey World Herald joins forces with Indiegraf to accelerate audience and revenue growth

The collaboration is part of a larger effort to build a strong foundation as we rebuild local news in Harvey.

Provided: Indiegraf website
Provided: Indiegraf website

The Harvey World Herald will embark on a new effort to accelerate audience and revenue growth.

The HWH will participate in the Indiegraf Growth Program, designed to help publishers with audience research and development, digital advertising, email subscriber growth, and a reader revenue campaign.

The program is three months long and will dovetail with our newsroom’s product development efforts on the path to operational and financial sustainability.

Indiegraf is based in Vancouver, Canada and launched in 2020 with aims of reducing barriers to media entrepreneurshi.

The HWH is part of the Tiny News Collective, a national initiative to jumpstart local, independent newsrooms in unserved communities, which facilitated our newsroom’s participation.

The TNC also serves as the HWH fiscal sponsor.

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