#CheckYourJudges before heading to the ballot box

Pick up a free print voter guide to research Cook County judicial candidates before you cast a vote.
Nonpartisan judicial voter guides can be picked up at City Hall, outside of City Council chambers. HWH / Amethyst J. Davis

Editor’s note: For the first time in decades, the Harvey community has dedicated election coverage from a nonpartisan, community-minded newsroom. The Harvey World Herald is dedicated to getting our readers information on the issues that matter most. That’s why we don’t issue political endorsements, accept money from political figures or groups, or lobby on their behalf—and we never will.

Cook County judges hold immense power, yet many of the races go overlooked, because “​​ judicial elections tend to be very low-profile, low-information races,” reported Injustice Watch’s Maya Dukmasova and WBEZ’s Andrew Meriweather earlier this year.

So, reporters at Injustice Watch, a nonpartisan newsroom that covers the Cook County court system, produced a judicial voter guide that covers campaign finance research, bar association ratings, and more.

In June, the Harvey World Herald delivered 2,600 free print judicial voter guides across the south suburbs before the primary. IW reporters updated the guide ahead of the November 8 general election.

There’s also a digital version of the voter guide. But, f or those those who’d prefer it, here’s where you can pick up a print copy in Harvey:

City Hall of Harvey

15320 Broadway Avenue

Where: Outside City Council chambers

Harvey Public Library District

15441 Turlington Avenue

Where: In the vestibule and lobby area


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