David Clay II: City Treasurer candidate questionnaire

The general election is weeks away. We asked city treasurer candidates how they'll make the office—often opaque—more transparent and responsive to residents' concerns about the city's finances. Here's how they answered.

Provided by David Clay II
Provided by David Clay II

The Harvey treasurer plays a key role in government. They keep track of the city’s finances and work to ensure that the city is in sound financial health.

Ahead of the April 4 election, we asked both treasurer candidates about transparency, making the budget process more efficient, and more.

Here’s how they sounded off.

Questions were sent to candidates via email and responses have not been edited by newsroom staff. Answers have been posted as received.

Why are you running for city treasurer, and what is your overall vision for this role?

I am running for Treasurer of the City of Harvey because I believe that our city—and its residents— deserve transparent and consistent reporting of our city’s budget by an elected official who can be held accountable. My vision for the role is one of collaboration with the City Clerk and the city’s Finance Department staff to continue to promote a culture of transparency, consistency, and accountability in the City of Harvey.

The treasurer cannot vote on ordinances but plays a vital role in the city’s government. What do you believe is the most critical duty of the treasurer, and why?

The most critical duty of the City Treasurer is to act as the“eyes of the community.”By this, I mean that the role of the Treasurer is to ensure that our budget is being accurately reported and that none of our tax dollars are unaccounted for in the city’s budget. This prompts the Treasurer to work hand-in-hand with the City Clerk’s Office and the city’s Finance Department staff to produce timely, accurate, and consistent monthly and annual budgetary reports—to be made public to our residents. In all, the position of City Treasurer is vital because in order to know where we are going, as a community and as a city, we must first know where we are. That begins with knowing the current financial status of our city.

What role, if any, should the treasurer’s office play in supporting the local economy?

The City Treasurer, though a limited role in its enumerated responsibilities, can support the local economy by ensuring that the city’s financial reports are available for public consumption. Local business leaders, as well as those businesses who may be interested in setting up shop in Harvey, want to see financial responsibility in City Hall. Business owners would not want to come to a city where transparency of its finances, or governance, is an afterthought. (1) Transparency in the city’s budget, (2) consistency in its reporting and (3) accountability of our elected officials are all positive factors that can entice businesses to stay in Harvey as good corporate citizens, and bring new, responsible businesses to our community.

The treasurer’s office tends to be opaque to residents. How will you, as treasurer, work to make the treasurer’s office more transparent and responsive to residents’ concerns?

To demystify the office, I will ensure that the residents have access to the city’s monthly financial reports. Following this, I will ensure that residents have access to the city’s annual financial reports. Ultimately, to promote transparency in the Office of City Treasurer, I will perform the responsibilities outlined for the role within our municipal code. Additionally, given that a resident has questions concerning the budget or financial status of the City, I will be available for questions, comments, or concerns. I plan on working closely with the city’s Finance Department to ensure quality answers for our residents.

What are ways you will collaborate with other city officials to make Harvey’s budget process more efficient and participatory with residents?

As stated, I plan on working closely with the highly-qualified staff in our City Clerk’s Office, and the city’s Finance Department to ensure that the duties of the Office are being fulfilled. Additionally, I will work with the City’s IT team, the Mayor’s Office, and other related departments, to ensure that the City’s monthly and annual budget is available both online and in print for our community.


A young Thornton high schooler is doing a project for their government class. They’re required to interview a local government official. They contact the treasurer’s office to learn more about what the job entails. Explain the treasurer’s responsibilities to this high school student.

The role of the City Treasurer is to function as the “eyes of the community.”My job is to ensure that the residents have access to the information in our city budget on a monthly and annual basis. This means that through my office, residents will know where the city’s money is being directed, and where it is coming in from. If there happens to be a discrepancy or an amount of money that isn’t accounted for, it is my job to “ring the alarm” and let the Finance Committee of the city know. In simple terms, I am an overseer of the City’s transactions—and a tripwire if there are any mismatches in our budget—all in the name of accuracy, transparency, and consistency in our City’s treasury.

Describe your leadership style.

As the City Treasurer, collaboration is how I seek to lead the office . The role of the City Treasurer is a limited one. Therefore, Imust work closely with the City’s Finance Department and the City Clerk to ensure that all monies are accounted for, reported, and viewable by our residents. Without the help of those partners in City Hall, the City Treasurer could not function to its fullest potential—which only hurts the residents.

If elected, would you commit to quarterly in-person, on-the-record, recorded interviews with the Harvey World Herald?

The only thing I can commit to is that, as the Treasurer for the City of Harvey, I will bring transparency, consistency, and accountability to the role. I will work hand-in-hand with the City Clerk and Finance Department to ensure that our community has access to monthly and annual financial reports.

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